Universal Machine
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Universal Machine:

Accurate measurement of raw tip and butt frequency with a tolerance of +/-2 cycles per minute. Accurate measurement of tip and butt stiffness via force deflection with a tolerance of +/-5 grams. Accurate frequency measurement of finished golf clubs with or without grip to a tolerance of +/-2 cycles per minute. Direct swing weight measurement to a tolerance of +/-0.6 swing weight points. Ability to take a modified longitudinal bend resistance readings as well as 360 degree circumferential readings at each longitudinal point to approximate EI curve readings and provide accurate shaft bend profiling. Club length readings in conjunction with practical lie angle to provide greater accuracy of true club length. Accurate measurements of balance points of raw shafts to a tolerance of +/-0.6 degrees. Total club weight measurement with a tolerance of +/-3 grams. Weight scale for components with a tolerance of +/-1 gram. Measurement of circumflexural integrity on any round point to identify highest and lowest bending values for the purpose of eliminating any shaft from a set that has a prominent space. Accurate measurement of shaft straightness to within .01 mm.



Universal Machine

Measures shaft strength.
Measures club length.
CPM meter.
Torque meter.
Measuring the swing weight.
Total weight of the club.
Balance point meter.





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